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First Feature Image

Customize 31 Barcode fonts

Customize 31 Bar fonts with application. As barcode image generator v1.0.0.2 support 31 linear fonts for different purpose or industries and products. Here you can customized your barcode label as per your items to paste, also increase and decrease bar ration, height, width of bar strips and text / values used in barcodes image, change color, text font size and color even rotate them at angles in which you need. Create bearer bars, set margins and alignments of text / values.

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second Feature Image

Generate Dynamic Bar values

Generate barcode with dynamic and static text and values in multiple barcode section, here you can also import and export the values for further uses in text file as well as excel document with .xls extension. there are four different option to create your barcode in this section. In which you can mention the number of barcode image that you want to generate, barcode values dynamic or static, with dynamic or static text, you can add prefix and suffix in values and text to make it dynamic.

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Three Feature Image

Print Barcode with any printer

Print with any printer as the heading represent, application support several printer to print barcode labels, some of them named as Zebra, SATO, Toshiba, Printronix, TSC, Datamax, Symbol/Motorola, Metrologic / Honeywell, Datalogic, Argox and many more other company printers - these all provide several format barcode printers with predefined templates of labels. Barcode label software support these predefined templates.

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